Upcoming Events

22nd May, 12.30pm – Magic Most Adventurous with Peter Bunzl at International Literature Festival, Dublin

5th June, 10.30am – Mapmaking and storytelling workshop at Portobello Bookshop

3rd July, 12.45pm – Mapmaking and storytelling workshop at Bradford Literature Festival

Further events will be added when programmes are available.

School Visits

QEGS Primary Transition Project – April 2022

I can offer readings, Q&A sessions and talks about writing with a range of mapmaking, storytelling, nature and art activities. More creative writing-focused workshops can centre on writing the environment, retelling folklore and fairy tales, creating fantasy worlds or developing and editing your work. I am happy to tailor talks and workshops to your school, working outdoors under the trees or inside around a table!

Funding is available for visits in Scotland via the Live Literature Author Directory.

For further information and rates please get in touch via the contact page on my website.

Further resources for teachers available here.

This was an excellent visit which really caught the children’s attention… The children were fascinated by Alex’s story as it was set in Cumbria; they thoroughly enjoyed the map activity in the workshop. A hugely successful visit!

St Bees Village School

I loved the way we added to the map to think of our own story ideas: I’m going to use that idea in class next time we have to write a story.

Eddie, pupil at St Bees

Our year 5 children all came back full of enthusiasm and lovely stories from the day.

Morland School