The Sky Beneath the Stone Announcement

I am very excited to officially announce that my first book, The Sky Beneath the Stone, will be published by Kelpies in spring 2022! 13-year-old Ivy North is an adventurer. She can pitch a tent in four minutes flat. She’s a pro navigator with a map and compass. There’s just one problem: she’s too afraidContinue reading “The Sky Beneath the Stone Announcement”

StoryGraph Shelves

I switched recently from Goodreads to StoryGraph to get away from the Amazon monopoly (and then also learned Audible doesn’t pay writers if their audiobooks are returned, which they can be even after they’ve been listened to, up to a year later). Anyway, I’ve been collecting together all my favourite nature writing and books aboutContinue reading “StoryGraph Shelves”


My partner, who writes under the name L.R. Ambrose, has a short story (Long Enough) in the Dying Earth short story collection NevermorEarth published by Air & Nothingness Press. We recently found out the short story made the Recommended Reading List for the Best of British Fantasy anthology 2019! Read the list hereOrder NevermorEarth hereOrderContinue reading “NevermorEarth”