Winter in Underfell

It’s getting ever closer to the Winter Solstice and we’ve had days of snow and frost here in Scotland! So what better time to have been featured on Golden Books Girl as part of A Golden Blogmas 2022?

I wrote a guest post for lovely Amy all about my childhood holidays, snow-related folk tales and whether there is really such a thing as Christmas in a fairy realm without seasons… You can read it here!

It also seems like a good time for a seasonal reminder that The Sky Beneath the Stone might just make a lovely gift for a young (or young-at-heart) person in your life. If you’re ordering from your local indie bookshop, make sure you give them as much notice as possible as there are postal strikes happening (support the workers). You can also support indies by ordering through

If you’d like your copy dedicated, drop me a line on the Contact page and I will get a signed bookplate posted out to you, free of charge, although it may not arrive in time for Christmas Day.

Happy holidays!

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