Kendal Mountain Festival

On Sunday 20th November I am going to be in the wonderful town of Kendal for the annual Kendal Mountain Book Festival!

I’m so excited about this one because:
a) it’s the first festival I’ve been involved with in Cumbria, the county where TSBTS is set and where I grew up
b) KMF is the UK’s biggest adventure festival so you know Ivy would love to be there
c) it’s a festival I love going to anyway, and has featured some friends and many writers I love!

The event will be taking place at 1.30pm on Sunday 20th November at the Abbot Hall Social Centre on Dowker’s Lane, Kendal. Come ready to share your favourite places and learn how to tell a story about them! (Participation is not required, for the shy beans out there.)

Tickets are free and you can reserve yours here. Suitable for all ages but most especially ~9-12 year olds.

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