Blog Tour

Starting on publication day (24th Feb) The Sky Beneath the Stone is going on tour! I’ve written some guest posts and there’ll be a couple of reviews and a Q&A too.

These are the links to the blogs – check them on the dates above to see the posts.

My Book Corner – Review

Armadillo Magazine – “One Step Beyond the Garden Wall” – guest post about anxiety

Kelpies – Features for Teachers

K & O: Bonkers About Books – “Animal Connections in The Sky Beneath the Stone” – guest post

Charlotte Somewhere – “Magic Under the Fells” – guest post about folklore

Roaring Reads – Seven Stories Q&A

To all the blogs above, thanks for having me and featuring TSBTS!

Kelpies have made an amazing interactive map of Underfell for you to navigate your way around Cumbria’s subterranean fairy realm, and a beautiful downloadable poster.

One last thing – I am counting down the days to publication on my Instagram with some throwbacks to growing up in Cumbria.

6 days to go!

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour

  1. Thank you for the book. I saw you put it on the statue and at that moment I asked my daddy if I coukd take it. I’m really excited about reading it. I want to be an author when I grow up too.

    1. Oh my gosh Haleema you are so welcome! I hope you enjoy it! Reading as much as you can is one of the best ways to learn how to write. 🙂

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