Kelpies Catalogue & Reading Video

I received my first finished copy of The Sky Beneath the Stone at the end of last week and it is more magical than ever!

The Kelpies Spring-Summer 2022 Catalogue is out now and has a very colourful spread about TSBTS. I can’t get over how surreal it feels.

For the catalogue I recorded a reading from Chapter 2, ‘The Hole in the Wall’. I had to rearrange a lot of furniture and even take apart an armchair and put it back together to build my set! My phone also ran out of storage several times but I got there in the end.

In the bottom right you can also see a present from Laurel – a tin that opens to show the hole in the wall and Underfell beyond (plus Callum sitting on the wall).

Exciting times, but now I should really be getting on with the next book!

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