A Guide to Inglewood Forest

My partner Laurel and I released our first tabletop RPG collaboration on Friday! Well, that’s not strictly true as I did do “assistance and additional research” on her game The High Seas, but this is the first one we’ve developed from scratch together.

If you don’t know what any of this means, a tabletop RPG is a game you can play with friends around a table (or on discord/zoom etc in these times) with pencils, paper and dice. Dungeons and Dragons is the most famous example. It’s basically like group storytelling which is what I love about it.

A Guide to Inglewood Forest is a setting guide, so it isn’t a game in itself. Last year I ran a session of a Robin Hood themed game called Merry Outlaws for some friends. The setting I developed as background for the story was Inglewood Forest, the most northerly Kingswood in England during the later medieval period (and in Cumbria, where I grew up). It also has its own famous outlaws, Adam Bell, William Cloudesly and Clym of the Clough.

After the game Laurel and I expanded the setting, adding descriptions of the seasons, places, notable characters, wildlife and plants. The guide is designed to be used in conjunction with Merry Outlaws or similar medieval RPGs, basically to help you add detail to your game and give some story prompts.

This was a really fun project to work on between drafts of different books. You can buy it for $3.50 and for every copy sold we put up a free copy for anyone who can’t afford to buy it.

For more information visit the game page on itch.io.

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