The Sky Beneath the Stone Announcement

I am very excited to officially announce that my first book, The Sky Beneath the Stone, will be published by Kelpies in spring 2022!

13-year-old Ivy North is an adventurer. She can pitch a tent in four minutes flat. She’s a pro navigator with a map and compass. There’s just one problem: she’s too afraid to go outside.

But when her brother, Callum, is turned into a kestrel before her eyes and spirited away to another world, Ivy knows that she’ll brave anything to get him back. Leaving the safety of her home, she follows him through a hole in the garden wall into a distorted mirror image of the Cumbria she knows. And in the strange world of Underfell, the longer he’s a bird, the less boy is left behind…

The book is aimed at older children and I hope that readers of all ages will enjoy it too!

I can’t wait to welcome everyone into the world of Underfell next year.

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